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🚀🎉 Portfolio AI Copilot, Chat Home, and More! 🎉🚀

AUTHOR: The Pluto team

Hey there, Pluto-nauts!

We've been working like caffeinated space monkeys to bring you an out-of-this-world update. Yesterday, we blasted off a whole bunch of new features that we can't wait for you to try! As our beloved customers, we want to hear YOUR thoughts on these cosmic additions, so we can continue to improve and make Pluto the best it can be.

Portfolio AI - Your Personal Finance Buddy Say hello to Portfolio AI! Our very own Plato can now answer questions about your portfolio, recent trades, activated strategies, and more! With access to all that juicy market data, Plato is your ultimate sidekick for navigating the financial universe. For now, this feature is exclusive to you – our favorite people! But don't worry, we'll be launching it into the wider world after we gather your invaluable feedback and make any necessary tweaks.

Chat Home (aka Research Mode) - Your Launchpad for Financial Exploration When you open the app, you'll now land on a purpose-built page designed for chatting with Plato. We've mirrored the ChatGPT interface to make it feel as familiar as possible, so you can dive right in and start exploring the galaxy of finance!

Message Sharing - Spread the Financial Wisdom Did Plato just blow your mind with an incredible insight? Share it with the world using our new "share" button at the bottom of each message! Let's show everyone just how smart our little AI buddy is.

Mobile Optimizations - The Universe in Your Pocket We've made some serious mobile optimizations to ensure that your Pluto experience is as smooth and seamless as possible, whether you're on Earth or exploring the outer reaches of the cosmos.

New Data Sources - Knowledge is Power We've added historical Treasury rates to our ever-growing library of data sources, so you can better understand the financial landscape and make informed decisions for your future.

More Relevant Quick Replies - Making Conversations with Plato a Breeze! We've made chatting with Plato even more effortless with our upgraded quick replies! These context-sensitive suggestions will now be more relevant than ever, helping you ask the right questions and get the information you need with just a tap. It's like having a mind-reading AI sidekick who knows exactly what you want to ask next. So, buckle up and let these souped-up quick replies take your conversations with Plato to light-speed!

Quicker Responses - Warp Speed Ahead! We know your time is as valuable as the rarest cosmic gem , so we've fine-tuned our systems to deliver lightning-fast responses from Plato. You'll now receive answers and insights quicker than ever before, making your financial journey more efficient and enjoyable. With Pluto's quicker responses, you'll be navigating the financial universe like a seasoned space captain in no time!

So, what are you waiting for? Fire up those rocket engines and start exploring the latest Pluto features! Remember, we're all ears for your feedback, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Keep exploring, and may the financial force be with you, Pluto-nauts!

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